Some people are blaming sudden home decoration whimsey on all the extra time on our hands, this past year. Nevertheless, bright, bold colors are definitely in right now when it comes to kitchen color palettes. Cabinets provide a relatively simple way to try on a color without necessarily needing to let it dominate the entire room. For example, you might mix blue lower cabinet drawers with white upper cabinets, and so on.

Here are some of the bold color trends we’re noticing for kitchen cabinets in 2021:


One of the constants we’ve noticed among many designers and home decor websites and magazines is the recommendation of the color green. There are different takes on it, however, depending on who you ask. The first take is a trend toward bluish-green shades—otherwise known as teal. This shade can take the edge off a more straight-laced green like apple or clover, while still infusing the kitchen space with energy. If you’re not all in, you could try painting the lower cabinets teal and the upper cabinets a more muted shade, like ivory or light grey.

Speaking of mixing it up, another color combination that’s been popular this year is green with green. So if you’re curious about teal but not sure you want to commit to the whole kitchen, try painting half of the cabinets—for example, the upper half that is at eye level, a more muted shade like sage or grey-green.

As for sage, that lighter greyish green is also making the rounds, along with other lighter, muted shades of green like mint. Again, the trend is toward shades of grey mixed with other colors—in this case, green—for a more subtle, timeless look.


Another color growing in popularity, perhaps surprisingly, is black. Perhaps people are rebelling in response to the all-white kitchen trend, from a few years back, or maybe all the recent time at home has encouraged us to embrace our dark sides. Either way, U.S. kitchens are taking a cue from Scandinavian design, where black has long been used as a neutral shade.

There are different ways to incorporate black, as well: you can choose to just paint the cabinets black; you can contrast black cabinets with white countertops and perhaps white subway tiles or backsplash; or you can opt for all-out black on black for what Ashe Leandro recently called a “Dutch Old Master painting” look. However, Leandro does mention that it helps to go with a shade closer to charcoal or gunmetal than pure black, just to add extra depth. Believe it or not, those darker shades of grey are supposed to add space to smaller kitchens, like the ones found in train car-style apartments familiar to residents of big cities like New York.


As with the color green, blue is also popular this year—but there are different shades of it that you could opt for, so we’ll name some of the more popular shades here. First off, navy was a big winner: we saw people recommend coupling it with white backsplash tiles and gold hardware for your cabinet handles and knobs, for a classic, nautical look. Another type of oft-mentioned blue was “muted blue”: that is, any more grey-leaning shade that is a more subtle variation on the color blue, for those not willing to go too bold or dramatic.

Then there are more unique shades like robin’s egg blue or tropical shades of light turquoise, for more of a pop. Again, if you couple bolder colors with more traditional complementary shades, such as white or grey, you can’t go wrong. Lastly, there was the recommendation of pairing lighter shades of blue with darker shades of blue, in the same kitchen, for something different.


The last color trend we’ll highlight here is the color yellow. Although it may seem like a risky color, there are many shades you can choose from. Moreover, if you’re feeling shy, you can always choose to highlight one area, such as the kitchen island, and then perhaps use yellow sparingly as a trim elsewhere in the kitchen. Or try using a bright shade of yellow for your lower cabinets, and something more traditional like white or greige on the upper cabinets.

Lastly, you can always opt for a more subtle ivory color with yellow undertones, or a lighter shade resembling butter or cream could work. Yellow manages to whet people’s appetites, and it’s also supposed to help people feel happy—and we say, we all could use more laughter!

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