Sinks are an essential piece of every bathroom, but it’s just as important to choose the right set-up for function and aesthetics. At Quest Interiors, we think vanities make for better bathrooms than pedestal sinks and we’re here to give you three reasons why.

Before we do, however, understand that we’re not completely opposed to pedestal sinks. They’re great for small bathrooms, take up less floor space and are arguably easier to clean. That said, let’s dive in.

Storage, or Lack Thereof

Pedestal sinks were designed to be simple and to create space. They typically come in just two pieces: the stand, or pedestal, and the basin. For this reason, pedestal sinks don’t offer storage. You can put storage pieces around the base of the pedestal or consider the alternative: vanities.

By design, vanities offer storage space below the sink, making it easy to store and conceal toiletries, makeup, towels, and more. If you’re interested in an open plan that makes your bathroom seem larger, consider a vanity with open shelving. 


If you don’t have cabinets to store your accessories, you’re likely to store them on the sink counter. That could prove difficult with a pedestal sink. Typically, these options offer very limited space around the sink area and often counter space isn’t flat, so your accessories won’t securely stay in place.

Vanity sinks come with counter space ranging from 24 to 60 inches, so what you don’t put in the cabinet has a permanent home on the counter, when not in use.

Selling your Home

If your plan is to remodel your bathroom before selling your home, think twice before installing a pedestal sink. It won’t decrease your home’s value, but it might turn off potential buyers who value the storage and space found in vanities. 

Keep in mind, pedestal sinks have some benefits.

Pedestal sinks are made of durable porcelain, so they can last 25-30 years if properly taken care of. They’re also easier to clean, and don’t collect dust like their counterparts. 

Ready to remodel your bathroom?

When the time comes, talk to your friends at Quest. We offer a number of great looking, functional vanities that will elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic, maximizing space, and adding great style. 

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