It’s time to customize your bathroom, and with FloorQuest’s help, you can transform the approximately 5’ x 8’ section of your home with some uniqueness and personal flair. Before you get started with a remodel here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Making your bathroom physically larger by knocking down walls is certainly a possibility, but there are other less complicated options for adapting bathrooms to look and feel larger - and FloorQuest can help. Here are three ways to create spaciousness when remodeling your bathroom.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Consider adding a glass, frameless enclosure to the shower door. Many of these shower enclosures are made with thick tempered glass that’s held together at the corners, minimizing their visibility. This will add elements of natural light and openness to the bathroom, creating a sense of more space.

Add Custom Tiles

Custom tile showers have many benefits. They look fantastic, add intrigue, and can be functional in more ways than one. They’re water resistant, and won’t need replacing for years, and in many cases, non-slip surfaces can be applied to create a safer environment. What you may have overlooked is that the right tile pattern can visually reflect that the shower, and your bathroom, are larger.

A shower with white tiles placed vertically can create the illusion of a higher ceiling, which adds to that sense of spaciousness. You can also go a step further and add tiles to each wall, creating unity and adding even more space.

Update the Vanity

A vanity is a sink and bathroom cabinet combined and many FloorQuest customers find them to be the best way to increase space, support storage and showcase their style. If you’re going for looks, talk to us about options that maintain continuity with your bathroom’s style through FloorQuest’s wide range of colors. If your goal is to increase bathroom space, consider wall-mounting your vanity, leaving a space between it and the floor. We think this is a great alternative to a classic pedestal sink, which--while it may create space--exposes the plumbing and doesn’t provide any additional storage.

An Added Bonus

Natural light is a huge factor when it comes to adding spaciousness, but that can be difficult when your bathroom doesn’t have windows. You can still use natural light to your advantage even in a closed bathroom. Consider transparent bathroom accessories, declutter your space, or place mirrors strategically to add depth to the room and to reflect the room’s natural light. These are great tools to maximize the light where there might not be as much of it.

For Next Steps Call FloorQuest

Understanding the basics of remodeling your bathroom is just the first step. Get in touch with the experts at FloorQuest for remodeling assistance and create the bathroom of your dreams. With our free in-home estimates, we will help you find the best ways to increase the size of your bathroom, and stick to your budget. Contact us today!