There used to be a time when homeowners would cover their hardwood floors with all types of carpeting to keep up with design trends. That day has passed and beautiful hardwood floors are now a coveted main feature in any home. However, if we don’t pay careful attention, we could end up damaging our hardwood floors without even realizing that we’re doing harm.

No Rugs

You’ll see signs of wear sooner on areas of your floor that experience the most foot traffic, like entryways and common living spaces. Though it seems to go against principle, putting down rugs will help keep your hardwood floors last longer and protect them from scratches, scuffs, and spills. Rugs are different from wall-to-wall carpet because a) they don’t entirely cover up your beautiful hardwood floors and b) they can work as an accent to your existing design, rather than dominate the room entirely.

Passing on the Vacuum

You might think that sticking to just a broom and dustpan will put less stress on your hardwood floors, but just sweeping won’t always pick up all the dirt and dust. Vacuuming your floors is one of the best ways to make sure all the dirt particles in your floor are being picked up so that your floors keep looking like new. Turn off the rotating bristles on your vacuum and go slowly and gently for the best results.

Wearing Shoes Inside

Shoes can grind even the tiniest pieces of dirt into your beautiful hardwood floors, even if you think they’re relatively clean. If you want to keep your floors scratch-free, leave the shoes at the door. Build a mudroom or a point in the entryway where guests will feel comfortable leaving their shoes for the duration of your stay. Your hardwood floors will thank you!

Cleaning with Water

Wood and water fit together in nature, but not in your home. Just cleaning your hardwood floors with water will dull the shine and won’t do enough to get out any dirt that’s really ground into the floor. Even steam cleaning your floors can have a debilitating effect. We recommend sweeping daily and going over your floors with a vacuum once a week. If you do use a liquid cleaner, use one that’s designed for your floors and will help them stay healthy for years to come.

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime when properly maintained. FloorQuest provides a variety of hardwood flooring options for every home! Contact us today or visit any of our FloorQuest locations to get started.