Did you know that the lifespan of carpet is somewhere between five and 15 years? That might seem like a large window of time, but there are plenty of signs that you will notice when your carpet needs to be replaced.


Matting is the result of repeated, or excessive foot traffic. Areas of your carpet will remain matted down, or crushed, as fibers have been compressed over time. Matting can be accelerated when carpet isn’t properly taken care of or taken care of regularly. It’s a problem, especially, for carpets made with polyester fibers.


If you have noticed a lingering odor in your home, check the carpet. These odors can be results of spills or pet accidents that have penetrated down as far as the subfloor. Odors can also be the result of not properly taking care of the carpet. Unfortunately, in some cases, carpet cleaning can not eliminate lingering smells.


Speaking of spills, perhaps you’ve spilled more coffee, grape juice, or red wine on your carpet than you care to admit. Maybe your pet had an indoor accident. There’s no shame in any of it. Accidents happen, and some stains are removable or easily hidden. Other stains, unfortunately, can only be dealt with by replacing the carpet. Over time, carpet designed to be stain-resistant might lose the ability to stop tough stains, causing homeowners stress.

If you manage to clean up stubborn stains from juice or wine, good for you! Biological stains from pet urine, vomit or mold have a better chance of being removed, but don’t overlook potentially lasting harm. Biological substances penetrate the carpet padding and lead to more mold, mildew, and further staining with potentially harmful health hazards.


Along with greater health concerns, older carpets can become sources for allergies, as allergens like dust mites, pet dander and mold spores get caught in its fibers. Over time, these can build up and give homeowners problems. If you start to notice your allergy symptoms increasing, it may be time to replace it.

Out of Style Carpets

Carpet styles have trends - like any home design element. Create a contemporary mood by updating to contemporary carpet. Chances are, your old carpet is not only out of style, but is losing its color, starting to mat, or is exhibiting any of the other challenges we’ve just highlighted.

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