As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we all start thinking about the joys of going outside. If you found yourself going a little stir crazy this winter and you can’t wait to get back into the great outdoors, here are a few ways you can surround yourself with nature while inside, too.

5 Simple Tips for Bringing the Outdoors Inside this Spring and Summer

1: Embrace Natural Materials and Colors

Soft, organic colors like browns, greens, and blues are a great way to invoke the feeling of the outdoors inside your home. You can also go with more organic, natural materials like quartz countertops, eco-friendly flooring, and recycled glass tile.

2: Contrast Darker Colors with Fresh Plants

Darker colors around your home, from striking accent walls to dark cabinets, create visually interesting spaces. Adding a fresh touch of green, like hanging plants or potted flowers, is a great way to make your home feel more in tune with nature.

3: Continue Your Inside Aesthetic Outside

If you have the space to decorate outside your home, extending your inside aesthetic to an outdoor space is a great way to keep the flow going between two places. The continuation of design means that there will be no strong line to tell where the outside begins and inside ends.

4: Draw the Eye with Indoor Trees

What invokes more thoughts of spring and summer than green, leafy trees? There are many different types of potted trees that are perfect for indoor living. Even someone with no green thumb can make their living room or bedroom feel more natural with a fake tree. If you do decide to bring some living trees inside, make sure you place them on waterproof flooring to prevent any damage from potential watering spills!

5: More is More

Minimalism is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Interior design is beginning to lean more towards surrounding yourself with things, especially if they make you happy. If you’re someone who thrives outdoors and you want to continue that feeling inside your home, putting plants in every room is a great place to start. Some plants, like aloe, snake plants, and ferns love humidity and can make a cute addition to any tile shower. Your space will feel more natural and free-spirited in no time.

If you’re not sure how to get started with bringing more nature into your home, let our design consultants help. Visit one of our showrooms in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Waukesha, or Sturtevant, WI or get in touch with the Quest Interiors professionals for a free estimate today!