Like so many of us, you’re probably thinking of staying in for the rest of the winter. Your home is your sanctuary and you deserve to surround yourself with comfort, from the floors you play on to the countertops you stand at to make your meals. One of the delights of having your own space is being able to share that space with friends and family. Here are recommendations for how you can create the perfect winter retreat for you and your loved ones this winter.

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Cozy Retreat at Home this Winter

Clear Up Clutter

It’s hard to create a relaxed, cozy atmosphere amidst clutter. One of the best ways to reduce clutter around your home, besides donating gently-used items, is to create a place for everything and to put everything in its place. New cabinets are a great way to create storage and instantly turn any room from cluttered into comfortable. Not only will custom cabinetry enhance the design of any room, it will also put a beautiful face on those extra things that you can’t get rid of but didn’t have a home for yet.

Build a Bathroom for Relaxing

When you think of relaxation, does a spa day surrounded by wafts of steam and fluffy, white robes come to mind? For some of your guests, a beautiful bathroom might be the perfect way to get comfortable this winter. Don’t be afraid to take out that tub/shower combo in favor of an elegant, tiled shower with a rain head feature.

Keep Everyone Warm and Comfortable

Among all of the things that Wisconsin does well, cold winters are right up there on the list. There’s nothing worse than getting out of a comfortable, warm bed and putting your feet on a freezing cold floor. You could lay down area rugs, but those can bunch up and create tripping hazards. Carpet is perfect for bedrooms where the most foot traffic the room will see is someone getting in and out of bed. This means less wear and tear on your carpet and warm toes for your guests! You can extend the experience by putting heating elements under the tile floors in the bathrooms so that you and your guests can get ready for bed or ready for the day in perfect comfort.

Dark carpet
 is also great for hiding dirt. Sometimes, you don’t have time to vacuum every room before guests arrive. The best part about installing a darker carpet is that dirt and stains are more disguised, which means that spilled wine or those muddy boots won’t be quite as nerve-wracking.

Make Enough Room for Everyone

Do you love having company in the kitchen while you cook? Whether you’re making a meal for two or twelve, it’s always nice to have helpers and even nicer to have a place for everyone to work. With custom-fabricated countertops, you can create the space you need so that there’s less bumping elbows and more time spent making delicious meals and memories.

Create a Home Away from Home

Ultimately, you want to create a space that is relaxing for your guests but is also cozy and comfortable for you during the chilly winter nights. Filling your home with elements that express who you are will create a welcoming space that guests are sure to love.

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