When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your home, you have many options. Tile, with its vast assortment of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, is an affordable material to use indoors and outdoors. With a little creativity, you can forgo traditional uses of tile and opt to use in an entirely different way.

Here are five creative uses for tile in your home:

1. From the floor to the window. In spaces like the bathroom, you can easily create an interesting design by laying different colors of tile down and have them reach up the walls instead of stopping at the baseboard of your floor.

2. To complement your cabinetry. One of the most exciting uses for tile is in the kitchen. Create a backsplash that enhances the beauty of your counter tops or cabinets. It's one of the uses for tile that really stands out.

3. To tile a ceiling. If you have an unusual shape to a room, why not embrace it. Accentuate the unique nature by incorporating new uses for tile in a bright color or bold pattern.

4. To add oomph to a floor. If you don’t have wooden floors and want to stay away from carpeting, select tiles that complement your furniture or appliances. Cleaning your floors regularly to help them maintain their shine is highly recommended.

5. Tile your patio or walkway. Who says tile has to be used indoors? There are plenty of uses for tile outdoors, too. Add it garden spaces, the inside and outsides of sheds, and to shutters. Mosaic tiles look great on flower pots, too!

Tile enhances the appearance of your home in so many ways. Now that you have some ideas for uses for tile, why not select a patterned or colored tile to use for your back splash, flooring or walkway. It’s an easy way to add emphasis to an area of your home that you want others to take notice of.

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