Ever wonder if you should get a custom-tiled shower or go with a boring prefabricated unit? It really all comes down to if you want a custom shower or a premade one size fits all shower. While those prefabricated showers can be light on the wallet, here are 6 benefits to having a  tiled shower.

1. It Feels Luxurious

Prefabricated showers don’t scream luxury. They are boring and have hardly any style. Tiled showers not only look nice, but it will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a 5-star hotel every time you use it.

2. You Can Customize The Design

With a custom shower, you’re able to fulfill all of your Pinterest dreams by picking any tile combination that you want. You’re no longer stuck with plain white or patterns that look cheap. You can look through all of our tile options and bring your shower design dreams to reality!

3. Tile Is Long Lasting

The best thing about tile showers is that they last a long time. If one tile gets a crack, that tile can be replaced easily. If you get a crack in your prefabricated unit, it can be a pain to fix.

4. It’s Better For The Environment

Did you know that tile is better for the environment? That’s because ceramic tile is made out of natural clay and not plastic. Prefabricated showers use plastic, which isn’t easily recyclable and when it reaches the landfill one day it will not decompose well.

5. A Tile Shower Can Be Any Size

The best thing about a tile shower is that it can fit any space. Unlike prefabricated showers, there is not a size requirement. This means you can make your shower as big or small as you would like, the power to decide is in your hands.

6. Increased Home Value

When it comes to increasing your home’s value, tiled showers will do much better than prefabricated ones. This is because they feel more luxurious and are easier to repair. So if you are really looking to increase your home’s value, we suggest going with a tiled shower.

If you’re interested in taking the next step on turning your shower into a tiled masterpiece, we can set you up with a free estimate by calling your nearest location or contacting us online here.