Nothing gets rid of any lingering winter blues like plenty of natural light. If you want to incorporate fresh and welcoming natural light into your home, there are a few different tricks you can try to lighten up your space. In addition to creating a more inviting space, increasing natural light can also save you money on your electric bills. Here are a few ways that Quest Interiors suggests bringing more natural light into your home.

6 Design Hacks to Maximize Natural Light Inside Your Home

1: Light Wall and Ceiling Colors

This is a no-brainer, and fairly easy to do. Pale surfaces draw and reflect natural light so using lighter paints for your walls and ceilings is a great way to brighten up any space. The trick is to avoid creating a glare, but that’s done easily enough by going with a matte paint instead of any kind of gloss. One trick you can try is painting your ceiling a lighter shade than your walls for a space that feels instantly lighter and airier.

2: Reflective Tile and Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are great countertops to have if you’re trying to maximize natural light because quartz, as opposed to granite countertops, isn’t porous and has a nice sheen that will brighten up any space. You can also create a beautiful backsplash with reflective tiles, or enhance your bathroom with a tile shower.

3: Green Things

While having green things in your home can help to bring more of nature indoors, trimming the plants outside your home can help greatly with natural light inside. Tall plants like hedges and trees can often block natural light so regular maintenance will help keep your space light and bright.

4: The Right Flooring

We talked about how light walls and ceilings can help maximize natural light, but did you know that flooring plays a huge role, too? The right flooring can brighten up a room, either from the color of the material or the reflective qualities. Glass or stone tile floors are an ideal choice for light-friendly floors. Hardwood or vinyl flooring are also great choices if they come in lighter colors. If you absolutely have to go with carpet, make sure you choose a color that is light and neutral.

5: Move Some Furniture Around

When in doubt, sometimes rearranging the furniture in a room can help enormously with maximizing natural light. Refreshing your furniture by moving items away from the windows help to let natural light filter in and trick the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it is.

6: Help the Light Find Dark Corners

Finally, sometimes natural light needs more than a little help. In the cases where natural light simply cannot reach, supplementing the light from the outdoors with warm, white artificial lighting is a close second choice. Warm tones will enhance any natural light that did make it inside, rather than creating a clash.

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