Even with all the flooring trends and carpeting over the years, carpet is still the most common flooring type. You’re likely to see it in just about every home. These days, there are plenty of colors, patterns, and materials available. Most would say they like carpet because it’s durable and lasts forever! But does it really?

What’s the lifespan?

In a typical home, carpet can last anywhere from 5-15 years. Different factors play a role in how long your carpet will last. Carpet placed in a formal dining room that’s only used on holidays will typically last longer than that of carpet laid in your home’s main hallway.

How can you extend the life of your carpet?

  • Regular cleaning is a great way to extend your carpet’s life. Vacuuming at least once a week will help keep harmful dirt and debris out of fibers. This regular maintenance is recommended for every room, especially for heavily trafficked spaces, but even rooms that are seldom used can accumulate dirt.
  • A well-loved carpet can hold onto set-in dirt that may be too difficult for regular vacuuming to pick up. Getting your carpets deep cleaned every 12-18 months will greatly help prolong your carpet’s life.
  • Quickly clean up any spills before they have the chance to set and stain the carpet. See our previous blog post to learn how to get different messes out quicker. 
  • Rugs and mats can be helpful in heavily trafficked or especially messy areas. These will help keep spills and dirt out of the carpet fibers.
  • Rearrange the furniture to change up foot traffic patterns so certain spaces don’t get overworked.

What shortens your carpet’s life?

  • Not clearing out dirt and debris regularly. Over time, dirt can dig into carpet fibers and start to break down these fibers, causing them to permanently stain and damage your carpet. 
  • Leaving spills and messes on the carpet can lead to stains or stuck in debris that may be impossible to clean up over time. This mess can eat away at carpet fibers, but can also be very unsightly, causing you to need to install new carpet sooner.
  • Overworking an area of carpet is the quickest way to shorten your carpet’s lifespan. When an area is heavily trafficked, the fibers will break down quicker and won’t last as long.

Carpet is an excellent flooring choice for any home. Follow these tips to help your carpet last for years. When you’re ready to upgrade your floors, FloorQuest has dozens of carpeting options and can find the perfect fit for you!