The dining room is a central hub for a family. It’s where home cooked meals are eaten, family game nights are played, and maybe even where homework is done. To say that a dining room floor goes through a lot is an understatement. That’s why when picking a new floor, Quest Interiors knows exactly what your dining room needs to be functional and visually appealing.


Classic hardwood will never go out of style. Installing hardwood floors into your dining room will make the space feel warmer, and luxurious. While hardwood floors don’t hold up as well to spills and scratches as other flooring types, the ability to sand it down and refinish it, increases the floors longevity and resale value.

Luxury Vinyl

This newer flooring material has been a popular alternative to hardwood flooring for those looking to spend less money, or for a more durable flooring. Luxury Vinyl has many pros, such as it being waterproof and fairly pet and scratch resistant. This flooring also comes in a variety of patterns and colors that can replicate hardwood floors or tile. 


This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of flooring for a dining room, but it is a great choice, especially if you have your dining room connected directly to your kitchen. Tile comes in many different colors and can now even replicate the look of hardwood floors. Choosing tile flooring is a great option because it is waterproof and extremely durable.

Ready for New Flooring?

Quest Interiors is here to help you pick and install the flooring of your dreams. From picking out material and styles to the installation process, we can help you every step of the way. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today for a free quote.