Redoing your kitchen can be a headache, especially if you are updating the layout of your kitchen. Quest Interiors has compiled a list of layouts for your kitchen that will be sure to catch your eye.

One-Wall or Pullman Kitchen

This style is ideal for opening up your living space and creating a larger feel. Typically this look is paired with an island or table close by.


Galley kitchens have cabinets and counters that run parallel to each other. This typically closes off the kitchen from the rest of the house, which can be positive or negative depending on your taste.


These kitchens are probably one of the most popular layouts that you will find. It helps open up a room, yet will maximize storage space.


This kitchen layout has cabinets on three walls, or uses an island to form the third “wall”. People love this kitchen because it makes it easy to navigate while cooking.

Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen?

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