There are many factors to consider when updating your flooring and your pets should be one of them! After all, they live in your house too. Now, at Quest Interiors, we aren’t suggesting that you let your dog pick out what color carpet you should go with, but it’s important to pick pet-friendly flooring that they will be less likely to destroy. 


When it comes to durability, tile is a great choice. It’s also water-resistant and easy-to-clean, in case someone has an accident. It may seem like an odd choice to put tile in a living room or dining room, but Quest offers tile options that look exactly like hardwood flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

This flooring is easy on your wallet and it holds up great with pets. Luxury vinyl is very durable and waterproof. They are also very easy to maintain and clean which means less work for you. If one of the vinyl panels ever does get damaged, it can be replaced fairly easily. 

Flooring to Avoid

There are two types of flooring that you should avoid if you own a pet - laminate and solid hardwood flooring. Both of these flooring options can warp when exposed to water, making it less than ideal for accidents and water bowl spills. Both can also scratch fairly easily. When hardwood is scratched, it can be sanded down, but laminate would need to be replaced completely.

Ready for Pet Friendly Flooring

Quest Interiors offers a wide range of flooring options for you to choose from. We have a pet-friendly flooring option that is perfect for your home. Contact us today and receive a free quote.