Basements can be one of the most challenging areas for flooring. The flooring you choose for a basement should not only be durable and stand up to general wear and tear, but it must also be able to withstand the moisture-prone conditions.

Vinyl is a fairly common choice for homeowners because of its resilience and flexibility. Vinyl flooring can realistically mimic the look of real hardwood or stone flooring and is extremely easy to clean. However, not all vinyl flooring is created equal.

Waterproof Vinyl vs. Water Resistant Vinyl

When you are looking to put flooring in areas that are prone to getting wet, such as a basement, it’s best to take a look at flooring options that can hold up against water. Waterproof flooring means that it can withstand any amount of water, from moisture in the air to flooding without causing water damage to the floor.

Believe it or not, a majority of vinyl flooring is only water resistant, meaning it can repel water but not necessarily keep it out of the subfloor beneath. Only vinyl flooring labeled “100% waterproof,” like our USFloors COREtec or Mannington Adura Rigid Plank Dockside-Driftwood prevents moisture from seeping through the seams onto the subfloor below.

Ease of Maintenance

A lot of homeowners choose vinyl because of its ease of maintenance. The protective coatings of most vinyl floors resist dirt and grime, wiping up easily with a damp cloth or mop. However, food, drinks, pet accidents, and other routine messes will run through the seams of water-resistant vinyl flooring. That’s why waterproof vinyl is the best choice when choosing flooring for a basement. Waterproof vinyl traps liquids and other messes on the surface, where they can be easily cleaned away before penetrating the seams.

Enhanced Durability

When shopping for vinyl flooring for your basement, try to look for products specifically manufactured for enhanced durability. Certain vinyl flooring can be scuffed or scratched relatively easily, even wearing through the design layer. High-quality vinyl flooring options provide a sturdy surface, constructed to resist scuffs and scratches, helping it to look newer for longer.

Realistic Designs & Textures

One of the many benefits of vinyl flooring is that it can mimic the look of authentic hardwood or ceramic tile. Vinyl is also available in so many colors, patterns, and designs. The best vinyl flooring uses high-resolution designs and realistic textures. When installed correctly, it may be difficult to tell the difference between real flooring and vinyl.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the best vinyl flooring for your basement, the most critical takeaway is to look for high-quality, durable products that resist scuffs, scratches, and stains, especially if you have children or pets. It’s also important to opt for products that are labeled “waterproof” to ensure your basement stays dry and clean.

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