Having a beautiful shower can create a certain mood in your bathroom. Whether you want a spa-like experience or a totally modern feel, the right shower tiles help bring the theme together. At FloorQuest, we want to give you the bathroom of your dreams by creating a totally custom tile shower for your perfect aesthetic.

Why Tile?

Tile is a waterproof material, which makes it perfect for bathrooms and showers. Now only is tile resistant to water, but tile installation uses grout to attach the tiles together, keeping water, humidity, moisture, and dampness from damaging your space. Tile is also extremely durable and lasts a long time with proper care. But one of the biggest selling points is its look; tile comes in many gorgeous styles and looks to complement any décor.

Custom versus Prefabricated

A custom shower is the perfect way to showcase your personality and create an interesting piece that also brings functionality to your space. Whatever your bathroom needs, a custom shower is the best way to ensure they are met. There are so many tile styles to choose from to ensure you have the perfect space for you. Custom showers can also offer a better resale value than prefabricated showers.

A prefabricated shower is usually made of fiberglass or acrylic. While these showers offer the basic functionality needed by a shower, they typically offer very limited styles and sizes. Although these have come a long way in terms of appearance, homebuyers tend to see these types of showers as being a low-end choice, so a prefabricated shower could lower your real estate value.

Why Custom at FloorQuest?

There are many elements that go into creating the perfect custom shower for you. Our team can help you pick the perfect tile color, design and finish. There are dozens of options to choose from and our team’s experience can help you narrow the list to keep the process from being overwhelming. We’ll also help you design a space guaranteed to provide you with the most functionality. All you need to bring is an idea of what you think your shower needs and we can design a space to exceed those expectations. Our custom tile showers will last for years so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. For additional safety, we’ll even apply a non-slip surface to your tiles for extra grip.

If you’re considering redoing your bathroom or shower, give us a call today to see how we can help you create the custom tiled look of your dreams!