At FloorQuest, we’re not just experts in helping you find and install the right materials for your home. We also stay up to date on the top interior design trends so that you know what’s up and coming. Here are four design trends to look out for in 2021 as you consider your next remodeling project.


Classic finished woods are a staple for homes. They’re great because they’re timeless and work with numerous different looks. Next year, this will remain true, but you might consider opting for a light wood look. Lightwoods hail from Scandinavian design and can be used for cabinets, flooring, and sometimes ceilings. They create a natural, modern feel and brighten up any room or space.

Light colors

White, gray, beige, and other light colors will be popular next year. Pair them with light woods, and you’ve created a visually appealing room, or consider a two-toned look. Light colors aren’t limited to walls and cabinets. Next year will see more light-colored rugs to help rooms feel more comfortable and larger.

Navel Colors

On the other hand, navel color schemes will be a great choice for any room. As you might guess, navel colors are darker shades of blue. They help establish elegance in contemporary spaces. They’ll work well on walls, cabinets, and floors, so they’re as versatile as they are aesthetically pleasing. If blue is your color, but you’re not looking for a dark hue, you might also consider classic blue. It pairs well with grays, reds, and browns for a magnetic two-tone look.


For the environmentally-conscious, sustainable designs will continue seeing popularity in 2021. This might not be about looks as much as it is about materials. Reused or recycled materials and low-impact pieces are key features of sustainable designs. FloorQuest provides several sustainable materials, and we’re happy to assist with questions.

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