With all the talk of climate changes and environmental impact, it’s more important than ever to ensure that we’re doing our part to live green. Whether you choose to regularly recycle or perform regular maintenance around your house to make sure everything is working efficiently, every little bit helps. Living green doesn’t just mean recycling, either – you can start living green the moment you buy or build your house. Check out these different ways you can do your part to help the environment, both inside and outside your home:

Buying Green

You might think about the impact you have outside your home, but what about the impact within? Many homeowners don’t realize when they build or buy a new home that what they put in their house has just as much of an environmental impact as what they put on the curb every week. For example: if you have furniture made with flame and stain-resistant materials, those can muddy up the air in your home and lead to indoor pollution.

You may also think that you have high air quality, but if your home was newly built, there’s a chance that your builder gave you better energy efficiency with poor ventilation. Older homes may be less efficient but they are generally better ventilated, leading to fewer air pollutants.

The best solution? Try to buy furniture and materials that don’t use chemicals, like resins or glues, that can gunk up your air. Try to buy solid woods and natural materials that are healthy for your family and responsible for the environment. Your family – and their health – will thank you in the long run.

Living Green

Living green doesn’t just mean checking your lightbulbs and fixing that leaky faucet, though those are great steps to take. There are a lot of “natural” materials in our environments that are highly toxic to humans, such as lead and mold. A house can be built as environmentally as possible, but without help from its owner, it can fall into disarray and become an unhealthy place to live.

Regular maintenance around your house can keep it green and free of toxins. Locking up any cleaning chemicals and using non-toxic cleaners, doing regular fall and spring cleaning, and removing shoes when coming into the house are all steps you can take to ensure a safe, healthy, green living space for your loved ones.

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