Everyone has a different design preference when it comes to their kitchen look. Getting new cabinets installed in your kitchen is the greatest way to give your space a brand new feel. When installing new cabinets, you not only want storage that best reflects your look, but you’ll also want maximum functionality. Although at FloorQuest we have a style that is perfect for everyone, we think it’s best for you to know exactly what you want. There are two basic construction methods when it comes to cabinets: Framed and Frameless. Here’s what you need to know about both to get the best cabinet for your kitchen!

Framed Cabinetry

A framed cabinet is known as the American Style, and are very traditional looking cabinets. These are the cabinets that have a face frame covering the front of the cabinet box. In this type of construction, the frame will actually extend past the width of the box which will create a scribe, and the inside of the frame will extend past the inside edges of the box by about 1.5". Since these doors attach to the actual frame of the cabinet, there is a lot of added stability, but this can create slightly less storage space inside. Framed cabinetry also offers adjustable shelving heights to increase storage functionality.

Frameless Cabinetry 

Frameless cabinets offer a very clean and contemporary look. These are known as “Full Access” cabinets and are European in style. By removing the face frame on the door, these cabinets tend to offer additional storage and easier accessibility to the interior. Frameless cabinet planets are manufactured with wooden dowels and glue and are automatically aligned with the ends of the cabinet. In frameless cabinets, doors are attached directly to the cabinet box and then also use thicker wood in order to add stability. These cabinets do not have a center stile going down the middle of the two cabinets, which will also increase accessibility to the items stored inside. Shelves inside of frameless cabinets are also typically adjustable in height. By not having a face frame attached to the front, drawers also tend to be larger as well.

Whether you prefer a more traditional approach with a framed cabinet or the European style of frameless, FloorQuest has choices for you! We have recently added two new cabinet lines to our product selection: Bellmont and Yorktowne. If frameless cabinetry is what you’re wanting, Bellmont is a great starting point as they specialize in frameless manufacturing for both contemporary and traditional look.

No matter what your preferences or ideas, we would love to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to get your free estimate!