Some flooring, like vinyl, is designed specifically to avoid giving you a shock. Other flooring types, however, like laminate, can’t seem to help to generate a little static. How can you prevent static buildup from irritating your family? Our team has some ideas:

Keep Things Dust-Free

Dust doesn’t necessarily cause static, but it can certainly make a bad problem worse. Nobody has the time or energy to keep their home dust-free all the time, but a little extra cleaning can go a long way when it comes to keeping static buildup under control. Electrostatic cloths attract dust rather than letting the static in your floors static take over, so you can work on eliminating static from your floor.

Embrace Natural Fibers

Did you know that cotton socks are more useful than wool socks when it comes to fighting static electricity? That’s because natural fibers like cotton are not conductive in the same way wool or synthetic fibers are; you shouldn’t feel as much shock after shuffling across the floor if you’re wearing cotton than if you choose wool.

Find Where the Static is Coming From

The static buildup is most often caused by low humidity. If you can regulate the humidity in your house to keep it comfortably high, you should be able to cut back on the amount of static stored in your floors. And as cozy as that wood-burning fireplace might seem in the winter, you may want to think twice; indoor fireplaces are one of the best ways to pull humidity out of a room. 

Choose Anti-Static Flooring

Vinyl flooring in the natural choice for anti-static floors, but there also are anti-static options in laminate flooring. Small, non-conductive carbon particles are added to the laminate while it’s being made so that the static doesn’t get a chance to build up and your fingers are safe from unwanted shocks!

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