No one likes cleaning the bathroom, but a good deep clean can really improve its appearance. Since the bathroom is the place where you keep your body clean, you should also make a habit of cleaning the bathroom on a regular basis. Quest Interiors has compiled a comprehensive list of tricks and tips to clean your bathroom efficiently. 

Tackle the Sink First

The first thing you should focus on is cleaning the sink. Make sure to grab some sponges or rags and disinfectant spray. First, spray the disinfectant around the sink and in the bowl. If the product you are using instructs you to let it sit for a specified amount of time, make sure to allow enough time for the spray to work effectively. Then, wipe clean with your sponge or rag. You’ll also do the same with the faucet and handles.

Don’t Forget the Mirror

While you are at the sink, make sure to give your mirror a good cleaning. You’d be surprised how much residue sticks to its surface. Grab your microfiber cloth or paper towels and glass cleaner. Also, if you have any gunk like hairspray or makeup on the mirror, use rubbing alcohol to remove. 

Once that is removed, spray the mirror down with your glass cleaner and then wipe starting from the top left corner moving to the top right. Once you reach the top right, move at an angle back towards the left, just slightly below where you started. You will repeat this motion until the whole mirror has been cleaned.

The Dreaded Toilet

This is probably the step you dread the most, but frequent cleaning will make this chore less of a yucky task. Grab your disinfectant spray (or disposable wipes), toilet bowl cleaner and toilet bowl brush. First, you’ll want to saturate the bowl with the toilet cleaner. 

Next, take your stiff bristle brush and start scrubbing the bowl. Once the bowl is clean, flush and spray your brush with disinfectant and set somewhere other than the caddy to dry. This will help to keep your brush clean.

Spray down the whole exterior of the toilet with your disinfectant spray. You’ll want to make sure to cover the seat, handle and even get down low to thoroughly clean everything. You may also use disinfectant wipes for easy and quick cleaning. If you don’t use wipes, we recommend using paper towels, as not to accidentally reuse a sponge or rag.

Tub and Shower Time

The tub and shower are the next areas you should tackle. Make sure to pick a cleaner that is compatible with the type of shower or tub you have. Next, spray the tub and walls to thoroughly coat all of the surfaces. To make sure fumes are not an issue, open the bathroom door and turn on your exhaust fan. Lastly, after letting the product set for its intended period of time, take a sponge and start scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly and your shower should be spotless.

Last But Not Least Floors

It’s important to save the floors for last, because during the cleaning process you may be transferring grime, dust and dirty water onto the floor. By saving the floors for last you can make sure your bathroom is truly spotless. 

Make sure you select the correct cleaner for your type of flooring. Depending on your type of flooring, you may want to invest in an adjustable steam mop, so you don’t have to get down and scrub. 

If the grout on your tiles is starting to look grungy, take a bleach-based cleaner such as Soft-Scrub Cleaning Gel and use a brush to scrub. This will help remove any grime trapped in the grout. 

You’ve Cleaned Your Bathroom But It Still Doesn’t Wow You?

Unfortunately, sometimes a deep clean can’t make a bathroom look better. At that point it may be best for you to update your flooring, vanity and countertop to breathe new live back into your bathroom. If you’re in need of a bathroom update, give Quest Interiors a call or contact us to get a free quote.