Carpet cleaning is essential; no one wants to be walking around stirring up dust. However, some of your daily cleaning routines could actually be damaging your carpet and lowering its life expectancy. Take a look at these cleaning supplies and routines that are doing your carpet more harm than good. 

Vacuuming Hazards

It’s absolutely possible to vacuum too much and overwork your carpet. Be sure to pay attention to your vacuum’s setting if you’re vacuuming the carpet to make sure you don’t have the vacuum set for hardwood floors. That setting is too hard on carpets and will tear up your plush flooring in a matter of time. 

Carpet can typically stand to be vacuumed a few times a week without damage. However, leaving dirt on your carpet for an extended period can have a serious impact. This dirt can actually break down the carpet fibers which can lead to dust mites and bacteria. 

Harsh Cleaners and Chemicals

Spray carpet cleaners are perfectly safe to use on your carpet but it’s important to stick with cleaners made for carpet. Using other household cleaners like surface cleaners or laundry detergent could be detrimental as these tend to contain bleach and other harsh chemicals that can permanently damage your carpet.

Leaving Too Much Shampoo

It’s recommended to have your carpet deep-cleaned every 12-18 months on average. However, if you have pets or heavy carpet traffic, deep cleaning up to 4 times per year is just fine. If you are using a personal cleaner, it’s important to remove all the soap when cleaning. Leaving soap residue in the fibers will actually attract dirt. If you’re unsure if it’s all removed, rinse the area well with plain water to clean the fibers.

Not Protecting Your Carpet Properly

Carpet protection spray is a great idea for heavy-traffic areas, especially if you aren’t able to vacuum 2-3 times per week. If your carpet is currently under warranty, however, adding these products may void the warranty, so check your warranty before using any kind of protection spray.

Carpet can last anywhere from 5-25 years and cleaning and treating your carpet properly will only help increase the lifespan. If you’re ready to replace your carpet, come into FloorQuest today. We have dozens of options for you to choose from to complete the look of any room!