Homeowners have a wide selection of flooring options to choose from. Deciding which flooring option is right for your lifestyle really depends on the questions you ask and what your needs are. The amount of traffic and maintenance your floors see will do a lot in determining which flooring you should install in your home. Here are some ways you can decide which floor is right for you, and Quest Interiors is always happy to help!

How to Choose a Floor that Fits Your Lifestyle

If You Have Pets and/or Allergies

Pet owners and people with allergies have a major thing in common: both want to avoid unnecessary irritants getting stuck on their floors. For these two lifestyles, going with vinyl flooring is a perfect choice because vinyl offers excellent traction and it’s comfortable underfoot. Vinyl flooring is also low-maintenance, durable, moisture and scratch-resistant, and it doesn’t trap pet dander so you have a better chance of not aggravating anyone’s sinuses.

If You Like to Entertain

Hardwood floors are a natural choice for homeowners who like to entertain because they’re easy to clean and look beautiful. However, if you want to create a beautiful space without the cost of hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring is the way to go. In addition to being easy to clean, luxury vinyl is durable and comes in a variety of colors and textures.

If You Hate to Clean

When life gets busy and you don’t have time to slow down, worrying about dirty floors is low on the priority list. If you’re someone who hates to clean and wants a low-maintenance floor, waterproof flooring, vinyl, and tile flooring are all great options since they are stain-resistant and very easy to clean.

If You Have Kids

If you have little ones roaming around, you want to make sure they have a soft place to land, no matter the situation. While durable flooring like vinyl and laminate are great choices for families with kids, you can’t go wrong with a classic choice like carpet. Carpet floors keep little feet warm and muffle sounds so that your kids can sleep soundly at night.

If You Want to Support the Environment

Finally, if you’re looking for environmentally friendly flooring options, any flooring made out of recycled materials is a great place to start. Eco-friendly flooring like bamboo and cork is sustainable and both are renewable resources that can be gathered without damaging the environment. Cork and bamboo flooring are great options in lieu of hardwood, and bamboo has wonderful flexibility that allows it to be woven into fibers and made into carpet.

Quest Interiors can help you pick the flooring that’s just right for your lifestyle. Visit one of our showrooms in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Waukesha, or Sturtevant, WI or get in touch with the Quest Interiors professionals for a free estimate today!