No one likes to feel cramped when they are in their bathroom. If your bathroom feels small, there are a few ways that you can make it feel bigger. Quest Interiors has put together a list of ways that you can upgrade your bathroom to make it feel bigger.

Add a Large Mirror

The number one thing we recommend to make your bathroom look bigger is adding a big mirror. Mirrors can make a space feel larger, due to the reflection. They also reflect light, which will help brighten your room. The bigger mirror that you can put in your bathroom, the larger your room will feel.

Don’t Overdo Your Decor

Keep your decor in your bathroom simple. You already have limited space, and filling a majority of that space will make your bathroom feel cluttered. Pick one or two pieces that work really well with the theme of your bathroom.

Decrease Contrast

When painting and decorating your bathroom, the best way to create the appearance of a larger space is to decrease the amount of contrast in your colors. That means you should pick relatively the same range of shades and use less amount of colors. This will prevent your space from looking busy and crowded.

Go With Light Colors

Overall, light colors are a great way to help make the space feel more open. Light colors reflect light more, making your bathroom brighter, where darker colors will just absorb the light and make your bathroom feel smaller.

Need More Than A Bathroom Makeover?

Quest Interiors offers a wide selection of flooring, cabinet, and counter remodel that can refresh any bathroom or home space. If you’re interested in updating your bath or kitchen today give us a call or contact us online.