Who doesn’t love a spa getaway--the feeling of luxury as you relax and detox? We can’t spend all of our time at the closest spa, but at Quest Interiors, we can help customers create an environment that’s brings the spa experience home. Here are tips to help you transform your bathroom into a spa.

Organizing your space & keep the room clean

Creating a spa-like experience starts with decluttering. Put away items like make-up, hair care items, and accessories, and make an extra effort to keep the space clean. If you need some extra help to stay organized, speak to Quest about cabinetry. With the right cabinets, you can maximize space and add an open, welcoming feel. If you’re not quite ready to upgrade your cabinets, keeping the room clean goes a long way in setting a calming mood.

Update your bathroom’s colors and lighting

Another way to set a relaxing tone is to paint the bathroom walls. Neutral colors like white, beige, or light blue are always great options. You may also try natural colors like light browns, grays, or greens. These options can give your room an earthy, organic feel.

Once you have found your color, starting thinking about lighting. Most bathrooms are bright and can keep your alert and awake. Install a light dimmer so that you can easily transition to a calmer setting when needed.

Don’t forget the soothing scents & plants

Your new home spa won’t be complete without relaxing scents and plants. Whether the desired aroma comes from dissolving salts, scented plugins, or candles, you can easily add an inexpensive element of freshness. Also inexpensive, plants like Aloe Vera, Jasmine, Gerbera, and Snake Plant have been proven to have calming effects, so put a plant or two in the bathroom corners and let them work their magic.

Bring the Luxury Home. Call Quest Today!

There are small adjustments you can make to give your bathroom a luxurious appeal. If you’re more inclined to make major adjustments, consider a new, floating vanity to add space, a shower that includes lighting features or a rainfall shower, or an elegant new tub. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and turn your bathroom into a relaxing home getaway, talk to the experts at Quest Interiors today. We’ll help you find the best options, whether it comes to countertops, flooring, cabinetry, or more. Contact us and get started with your free estimate!