Unwanted light, cold drafts, heat, and glare all diminish your comfort. Be comfortable in your home by choosing the right window treatments that create the environment you need to live, work, sleep, and entertain. 

Blinds, Shades, Window Treatments, Window Coverings, Curtains or whichever word you use to describe a cover for your window; are super important to maintain privacy, but also they protect other products in your home from unnecessary sun wear like cabinets, wood floors, fabric, or furniture. Fortunately, the staff at Quest Interiors can help you select the very Window Treatment for your home.

Additionally, in the summer months, properly installed window treatments can provide shade from the intense sun and in the winter months they can provide insulation from the cold windy nights. Most window treatments will have a positive effect on energy efficiency.

Looking to maximize one or more of the following characteristics of a window treatment?

  • Sound absorption - try Hunter Douglas - Design Studio
  • Energy Efficiency - try Cellular Shades by Graber or Duette by Hunter Douglas
  • Room Darkening - select Silhouette by Hunter Douglas 
  • Unique windows or applications - Consider Graber Slide-Vue Vertical Cellular shades.
  • Safety - consider using only cordless window coverings from Graber.

No matter your preference, there are many options available to you when it comes to window treatments. You can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and designs to find the perfect fit for your home. Window treatments can provide insulation, sound absorption, energy efficiency, room darkening, and even safety. With the right window treatments, you can customize your home to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

Many styles of window shades and blinds will assist in improving your space aesthetically as well as functionally. They will also address the important factors of energy efficiency and privacy. Fortunately, the Quest Interiors staff is dedicated to helping you select the best option for your needs. 

What can Quest Interiors offer?

Quest Interiors will provide free estimates for blinds and window coverings by Graber or Hunter Douglas. Quest Interiors as with every product that they sell, they provide quality professional installation. Once your blinds are installed by a professional, the installer will show you through the operation; including any using remotes or maintenance for your shades.  

Reach out to Kellie Toth at Quest Interiors - Fond du Lac, 62 N. Rolling Meadows Drive, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin or Jarred Bunker at Quest Interiors - Oshkosh, 1705 S. Washburn Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin or fill the form to request a free estimate.