As we quickly approach the new year, it’s time to start looking ahead at all of the exciting trends that are forecasted for 2022. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your space or you want to modernize a little bit at a time, we have insights on some of the new trends for the new year. It’s never too early to start thinking of how you can update your living space. Find out how you can incorporate these new trends into your home with the designers at Quest Interiors!

New Trends in the Forecast for 2022


Curves and arches are going to become the new “it” shape around the house in 2022. This classic piece of architecture can be incorporated into every nook and cranny of your space, from arched openings, curvy furniture, and vaulted barrel ceilings to curved walkways and arches adorning every door, window, and porch.

Patterned floors

As the price of lumber rises, 2022 is going to be focused on how you can bring style and spontaneity into your home without breaking the bank. Light and dark designs are sure to create eye-catching patterns and many homeowners are looking for more eco-friendly solutions such as laminate or vinyl flooring that will give the look and feel of hardwood without the cost.

Black accents

Dare to be bold with black. While you can choose to accent your space with black appliances, black window frames, or a statement-making black door, we also recommend considering a black vanity as a statement piece in your guest bathroom.

Anything but White Countertops and Cabinets

Remember a few years ago, when stark white kitchens were all the rage? From countertops to cabinets, if your kitchen wasn’t snow-white, you were behind the times. Times change, and the prediction for 2022 is that white is out and color is in. The new year is a great opportunity to explore your personal style and find a look that really embraces you. If you’re trying to pick a color that’s in trend with what’s new, check out Pantone’s trend predictor to see what color is going to be “it” next.

Go Retro with 70’s Inspired Styles

History has a tendency to repeat itself. In this case, that’s in our favor. One of the big trends we’ll see next year is a throwback to the 1970’s. Pops of vintage color or a classic rug on your vinyl floor is just the right amount of pizazz to stay current with this trend in the coming year.

Start picking your go-to trend for 2022 today! Contact our team and one of our design consultants will get back to you.