When it comes to painting the interior of your home, picking a color may feel overwhelming as you see the many many options. How will the colors look over a large area? Will the color match your furniture and décor? And most importantly, how will the color make you feel? Different colors emote different emotional responses, so this is something to consider when choosing your paint.


A red room can inspire confidence, excitement, and energy. Of all the colors, red is the most psychologically stimulating and can stir up adrenaline. Painting a room red will create a cheerful vibe and will show guests that you are passionate, energetic and outgoing.


If you want to emote your friendly personality, orange is your color. This bright hue will demand attention and symbolize balance, enthusiasm, and warmth. This color is perfect for a dining area as it can stimulate appetite. As an energetic color, orange could be great for inspiring a workout in an exercise room.


Happiness, optimism, and inspiration – that’s what a yellow room will offer. Those attracted to yellow tend to be trendy and into a modern appearance. Yellow is a great choice for halls, entryways and small spaces as it feels welcoming and expansive.


Green is the color of nature and is actually the most restful color to the eye. It will bring a calm and relaxing vibe, as well as inspire joy and energy. A green room will showcase your belief in balance, stability, and persistence.


If you’re looking for a room to offer and calming sense, blue is the way to go. Those who like blue tend to be trustworthy, loyal and friendly. This color is said to bring down blood pressure and slow heart rate. Because of these calming effects, blue is a great option for a bedroom.


Purple will allow your imagination to roam free. Purple has long been associated with royalty and luxury and will show off the painter’s creative and romantic personality.


White creates a clean and refreshing feel and offers a contemporary appearance to any room. Cooler shades of white can achieve a formal feel, while warmer shades can create a cozy feel.


Black paint can bring an overwhelming and sad feel to a room. However, when used as an accent, it can emote elegance, power, and mystery and show off your sophisticated nature.


Brown can inspire security and contentment. Those who opt for a brown room tend to love nature, simplicity, and comfort.

Now that you know what emotions these colors will bring, how do you implement them without having an overwhelming space?

Follow the 60-30-10 rule

  • 60% of your room is your main color. This can consist of your walls, large accent pieces, and rugs. This will serve as a backdrop for the room.
  • 30% of your room is a secondary color. This can include accents like drapes, a chair, bed linens, possibly an accent wall. This will help support the main color, but is different enough to set it apart for dimension and interest.
  • 10% of the room is your accent color. This may be throw pillows, lamps, tables or candles. This will achieve balance in your decorating.

    No matter what color you choose to show off your personality or bring out different emotions, FloorQuest has flooringcabinet or countertop options to match it all. Schedule your free estimate today to find out how we can help match and inspire any color palate.