Kitchens are the heart of every home, providing the space to cook, eat, converse, entertain and even work. This makes every element in the kitchen worth considerable consideration in your remodeling plan. While it is important to take counters and floors into account in a kitchen remodel, you can’t forget about the walls and cabinet colors. The right paint and coordinating cabinetry colors can set the mood in your kitchen, and choosing wisely is made easy with these tips from FloorQuest.

Color Considerations

Before you select a color, remember that what might look muted or desaturated on paper has the ability to pop on your walls or cabinets. Here are just a few basic options to consider.


Gray is a neutral color. While some consider a gray tone cold, if you pair the right shade of gray with complementary colored cabinets, you can create a beautiful, welcoming, and contemporary setting. Choosing a gray shade involves taking into account something that also matches your metal appliances. This will add balance. Homeowners also appreciate gray walls because it gives them some versatility in decorating the kitchen.
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Cream-colored walls and cabinets offer a traditional feel that’s both inviting and warm. It pairs well with just about anything, from red backsplashes to black and white. You could even create a natural-like aesthetic with a beautiful green or warm palette pattern. Or if you’re looking for a more minimalist, contemporary feel, pair it with orange accents.


The idea of black kitchen walls may raise some eyebrows, but this strong color can be used effectively in a number of different ways. Black cabinets, when paired with white walls (or vice versa), create a sleek, modern aesthetic. Black also pairs well with wood. You can find many examples of wood countertops and black cabinets, or wood islands with black bases, that create a breath-taking look. If deep black isn’t appealing or is too risky then dark gray offers a possibility instead.


Blue has a number of benefits, depending on the mood you want to set in your kitchen. A light blue coat can evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. Darker blues, like navy, add a feeling of sophistication. But be careful. Too much blue can overpower your kitchen, so try using it for accents. Mixing in hints of lighter colors can also lessen blue’s impact.


It is common to choose off-white colors for walls and cabinets, but basic white has a number of benefits. White can bring out your kitchen’s character when it’s paired with granite or marble countertops. It can give your kitchen a clean, classic feel with white walls, cabinets, and a white backslash. On the other hand, you can also use white to achieve a contemporary look with modern cabinets.

FloorQuest Experts can Help You Redesign Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen colors set the tone and evoke feelings in a room where activity and family gatherings are endless! Selecting the perfect colors is vital and FloorQuest’s paint swatches span the entire color spectrum of muted and vibrant choices. Get in touch with the experts at FloorQuest today and schedule your free in-home consultation. We’ll help you design and create the kitchen you have always dreamed of!