Start making your renovation plans now - 2020 is right around the corner! If you’re thinking about redoing your floors in the new year, we have some ideas about how you can bring the best in design into your home. Whether you choose classic hardwood or go with something less traditional like tile or laminate, FloorQuest offers the latest in flooring. Check out these trends to find an option that is perfect for your home! 

Distressed Wood 

While the distressed look is nothing new, it has become more popular over the last few years and promises to keep going. The boards are designed to look artfully distressed and worn depending on the level of “distress” wanted. This aged look works well with a rustic design scheme or even a minimalist home where the floors are one of the design focal points. 

Unusual Floor Patterns

We’re all used to floorboards running parallel to each other, but what if there was another way? Patterned wood layouts add a layer of sophistication and uniqueness to any home - herringbone and chevron patterns are popular, but there are many different options available. Whether you decide for a different look for your kitchen or bathroom, a patterned layout will certainly have your guests talking! 

Bleached and Blanched Flooring 

The traditional brown wood stain just doesn’t work with all homes - that’s why bleached floors are growing in popularity. The floor is treated with a process that leaves an ashy, white-washed look behind but leaves the beauty of the natural wood grain. You can even discuss with your contractor whether it’s feasible to bleach your current floors or if you need to install ready-made blanched floors. 

Vintage Black and White 

What if you’re not a fan of wood or laminate floors in every room? If you’re looking for a modern twist on a vintage favorite, why not try black and white tile? Luxurious patterns and strong graphics bring this classic favorite firmly into the 21st century and can spruce up any space with a bold, contemporary look. 

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