We’ve talked about bathroom tile designs and trends, but what about the rest of your bathroom? Once you pick a flooring style or a tile you love for the shower, the next step is the vanity. Depending on your personal aesthetic and the atmosphere you want in your bathroom, there are many directions you can go. Here are six vanity styles you should think about when planning your bathroom remodel:


Who said everything has to be square and even? Bring a contemporary feel into your bathroom with an asymmetrical mirror and a vanity to match. Rounded corners and artistically uneven finishes can give your bathroom a hip, space-age feel.

Classic White

While asymmetrical vanities may only appeal to some, white vanities are classic and never go out of style. White complements just about any tile or paint color and it can be used to bring a rustic or modern feel to your bathroom.

Keep it Minimal

Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation and peace. What better way to achieve that goal than with the sleek, clean lines of a minimalist vanity? Simple hardware, low-key paint, and uncluttered countertops are the way to go to achieve this dream.

Dark and Dramatic

Apart from making your powder room feel dark and dingy, dark-colored wood or a black vanity can add some drama and flair to any bathroom. A dark vanity against white tiles or walls will always give your space a grown-up, modern feel but you’ll need to pair it with those lighter elements to keep it from taking over the space.

Floating Away

Some people can’t get enough of the weightless appearance of floating vanities and open shelving. You can make a chic statement without a lot of flair by installing a floating vanity and add to your limited storage space with open shelves.

Industrial Styles

History tends to repeat itself, and the industrial style is no exception. Vanities that are modern and funky with brass or copper fixtures make a statement that works well in small bathrooms or half-baths where it doesn’t hurt to be bold.

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