This year’s polar vortex has produced some of the coldest weather in two decades which means that you’ve probably been tracking in your fair share of ice and snow. While some floors are more moisture-friendly than others, you’ll still want to keep your floors clean and dry with these simple steps:

Keep Humidity Levels Even

If you have hardwood floors, then you may be familiar with gaps in your floorboards. The winter cold and low humidity levels can cause the wood in your floors to shrink, which causes gaps. Hardwood floors are happiest when temperatures are between 60-80 degrees without a humidity between 35-55%. However, as we all know, Wisconsin winters get much colder than that. To keep your hardwood floors happy, we recommend running a humidifier in the winter and keeping your internal temperatures fairly mild to avoid permanent damage.

Sweep Up Regularly

The best way to keep all the dust and debris in snow from damaging your floors is to regularly clean up if any snow has been brought inside. Dirt can scratch and dull your floors and make later cleanup even harder. If you regularly vacuum, you’ll cut back on the work you’ll have to do down the road.

Invest in Rugs and Rubber Mats

A long rug or carpeting in your front walkway or by the back door can go a long way in cutting down on snow and dirt damage during the winter. Not only do they protect your flooring from scratches, but they’ll also cut back on slipping hazards. Rubber mats are also useful in high traffic areas to help avoid falls and keep salt from scratching up your flooring.

If you ever have questions about the best way to care for your flooring, or need to replace flooring after this wild winter, we can help! FloorQuest proudly provides outstanding customer service paired with the best flooring and cabinetry products available. Contact Us today or visit any of our FloorQuest locations.