Congratulations! You just bought your first home. You’re ready to turn your new purchase into your own space. Before you get started, however, there are a couple of things to check off the to-do list before you dig into your renovations.

Quest Interiors’ First-Time Homeowner’s Guide to Making a Home Your Own

Bite Off What You Can Chew

Not every project is DIY, but there are a high number of projects that you and a crew of friends can accomplish. This winter, take stock of what little projects you can accomplish with your own crew before you think about tackling the bigger projects that might require an expert hand.

This applies to financing, too. Know what you can afford before you get started so that you aren’t blindsided by costs. There are almost always financing options available for home projects, but you can save money by working out what jobs you can do yourself versus what jobs you can’t.

Make a Plan

After the sticker shock of buying your first home wears off, you may be hit with a sudden rush to update and remodel every room. This can be dangerous because it can burn you out and take the fun out of your new adventure.

Instead, make a list of things that are important to you and develop your remodeling plan from that list. If you absolutely have to tear up old carpet and want to put down laminate flooring, put that at the top of your plan. You can get to other big projects later, but having a plan will let you know exactly where everything slots in.

Know Your Style

Maybe your style is sleek and modern. Maybe you don’t have a style. Maybe you’re so overwhelmed by the prospect of having a whole house to express your style in that you don’t know where to start! That’s perfectly fine. In the cases where you feel like you’re over your head, working with a design consultant can help you develop your vision for each room.

Double Check Your Area’s Permit Requirements

First-time homeowners generally don’t have the experience to know about things like HOAs and city permits. It’s always a good idea to check with local officials to see if your renovations need a permit and how much that permit is going to cost. You want to include those costs – and the time it will take to obtain the permit – in your plans so that you’re prepared for any extra work that might come along with those requirements.

Create a Timeline (and a backup!)

Finally, create a timeline, and then create a backup to have on hand when delays happen – and they will happen. Material availability, fabrication time, human error, and other factors can all slow down a remodel. The most important thing to remember is that this is your first home, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You already did the hard part with buying the home. Have fun making it yours!

From flooring to cabinets, to countertops and custom showers, Quest Interiors can help you make your first house a home. Contact our team and one of our consultants will reach out to help you get started on your home remodel.