There are plenty of things to consider when remodeling a bathroom. What kind of flooring will you choose? What style or combination of vanity, counter and cabinet will work best? Is it time to update to a new bathtub? How can light fixtures improve the overall look and feel? Should you do it yourself or involve a contractor? It’s important to understand how all these choices affect your budget. Here are a few things to consider.

Set the Budget Early!

Bathrooms big and small cost, on average, between $6,000 to $20,000 to remodel. That includes materials and labor. Don’t let those numbers seem daunting. We all love dreaming up our perfect bathrooms, but it’s best to sit down and establish your budget first. Let that guide you as you think about materials. Seeing the numbers and how they fit into your plan will help easy any anxiety related to cost. 

Make sure you include an emergency fund. This can be between 10 to 20% of your renovation budget. That way you’re prepared if there are any unexpected expenses.

Make the Most of the Space

Smaller bathrooms cost less to remodel.You might consider enlarging the space, but that can add costs. Instead, brighten the lighting and lighten the cabinetry to give a sense of a larger bathroom, and save on potential labor costs.

High vs. Low Expenses

Now that your budget is set, review the foundational elements of bathroom design. You can work with a FloorQuest consultant to assist with what you need, general scope of cost for each aspect and how to best make the decisions that fit your overall design goals. For instance, if there is a style of flooring or a specific vanity, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra. Along those lines, we can help work with you to determine priorities where you might spend less.

Typically, plumbing fittings are a great way to add style and class, but aren’t going to break the bank. If you search around online, you can find simple sinks that fit your needs, but are much less expensive than custom-built vanities or sinks.

You might not have suspected it, but walls have the potential to be a more costly expense. Instead of a fresh paint coat, choose an exciting wallpaper design or custom tiling. These are far more aesthetically pleasing and can add extra character to your bathroom.

On the other hand, choosing a new bathtub doesn’t have to be a point of stress. Custom bathtub prices can reach the low thousands, but you can find options that fit your needs for as little as $200. Toilets are also relatively inexpensive, compared to other bathroom features.

Update Your Flooring

When it comes to custom flooring, speak to the experts at FloorQuest. We offer a number of fantastic options, from laminate flooring to tile flooring and everything in between. Our waterproof options might be a great choice for your bathroom. And flooring isn’t all we do!

Next Steps

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