Should You Choose Light or Dark Floors for Your Home?

Is there a right or wrong time to add dark floors to your home? Are you attached to your darker floors but looking to add a little light into your home? When it comes to deciding your floor colors, you need to consider more than just aesthetics: you will also want to compare the ease with which you can keep those floors clean. We’ll take a look at the upsides and downsides of each and let you choose the best floor color for you!

Light Floors

Maple hardwood or strip oak floors are two wood flooring types that are generally on the lighter side of the spectrum. Lighter floors can give off the impression that a room is bigger than it actually is by playing with light and space. However, light floors present a challenge because a stain can be harder to create the lighter the homeowner wants the floors to be. Your best bet is usually to go with a lighter wood and add a “clear” stain to protect your floors from becoming yellow.

Generally speaking, you can install light hardwood floors in just about every room in your home. Some families may be concerned about the best way to keep your floors clean and tidy, but lighter floors can actually make it harder to see dust bunnies. You can decide for yourself whether that is a pro or a con!

Dark Floors

Dark wood floors can gracefully complement many different colors around your home, which means it’s versatile with any design. Whether you’re going for a more rustic feel or want to give your home a feeling of elegance, dark floors can do both. However, dark floors do have a tendency to reveal a little more wear and tear than a light-colored wood floor. You may decide that you need to clean more often in order to keep your floors look their best.

If you have a large room that gets plenty of natural light, consider installing a darker wood or staining your hardwood floors a darker color. Dark floors have a tendency to make rooms appear smaller. You also want to avoid placing pieces of furniture with dark stains on a dark floor. With dark wood, it’s always better to contrast than to match.

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