Designing a space you love is a lot of work. There are so many decisions to make, from choosing the style that suits you best to selecting the perfect furniture for each room. As you create the perfect oasis for your home, consider these interior design trends as guides for what’s possible.

Show Your Space Some Love with These Interior Design Updates

Reconnect with the Earth

In 2022, designers are recommending interior design trends that bring us back to the earth. This could include incorporating rich shades of brown and green throughout your home, letting Mother Nature infuse every corner. Cabinets are a simple way to bring earth tones into your home, either in your kitchen or in the bathroom.

You can also give back to the earth by using sustainable materials that are good for your home and the environment. From recycled glass tile in the bathroom to flooring made from bamboo or cork for a greener option, there are a plethora of ways to incorporate more sustainable practices into your home.

Textiles and Textures for Days

Your home should reflect your personal style and that includes the use of unique textiles and textures throughout your space. Incorporating a unique area rug in your living room or upgrading to decorative cabinets in your kitchen are great ways to start bringing one-of-a-kind textures into your home. Even updating your flooring to something different than planks or square tiles–like a parquet or herringbone design–can create fascinating texture in a room.

Rooms with Dual Purposes

Over the last two years, we’ve all learned how to turn our homes into more than just a place to eat and sleep. In the pandemic, homes have evolved into living spaces that help people thrive, no matter their routines. In the years to come, more and more interior designers will be challenged to think about how to turn a room that previously had one role into a room with two or three purposes. This could be anything from a home office that’s also a guest room and home gym, to creating a homework room for kids so that they can focus on their studies.

One of the more popular design trends for this year is building a home bar. We all had to learn how to have a good time in the comfort of our own homes and building your own bar, either in your basement (if you have one) or as an addition to your kitchen is a great way to keep the party going at home. You can either design the bar to match with your countertopcabinets and the rest of your home, or give it a unique look so that it feels like a completely distinct space.

More is More

One of the most notable interior design changes you can make in the upcoming year is saying goodbye to minimalism and hello to maximalism. The principles of “less is more” and stark whites and creams are things of the past. Instead, interior design is focused on creating plush, comfort-focused rooms that embrace being filled with things that make us happy. Part of creating these spaces includes a more chaotic design sense: warmer color palettes, mix-and-match design styles, varying shades and textures, and a general sense of comfort. Rather than creating storage to hide your things away, the new trend is installing displays that will proudly show off your collections and knick-knacks. More is more, and the sky’s the limit.

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