There is conflicting information in the housing market about whether or not Americans are buying smaller homes or investing in larger spaces. Whatever information you might have heard, the fact remains that smaller homes are just as deserving of beautiful bathrooms as large houses. If you’re looking for some design ideas for a smaller bathroom, we have some tips you may find useful. 

Set – and Stick To – Your Budget

One of the hardest things about a remodeling project is setting and sticking to a budget. Managing money can be one of the hardest parts of any creative project and it’s important that you set realistic goals for your project so that you don’t exhaust all your resources right away.

Look to the Future

The colors you choose for your bathroom walls and counter tops should reflect your personal style, but they should also be colors that will help your home sell if you ever put it on the market. Trends come and go but there are some colors and cabinet styles that never go out of fashion.

Use The Space Wisely

A small bathroom can present a storage challenge, so try to create storage space while you’re remodeling. Custom cabinetry, recessed medicine cabinets, and hidden storage all help to create the illusion that your small bathroom is actually bigger on the inside. The kind of lighting and fixtures you choose can also help to make a tiny space feel huge.

Explore Design Trends

As we said, some colors and cabinet styles are always popular, but that’s not to say you can’t add a pop of modern inspiration here and there. At the end of the day, you’re designing a bathroom that you will have to use and love. Once you’ve laid a solid foundation, be sure to add pieces of your personality to the space so that it becomes your own!

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