Although it may feel like winter outside, spring cleaning is around the corner.   There is not an exact time for a deep spring cleaning for your flooring.  There are some hints and tips as that time of year approaches where you have the ambition to start summer with a spotless, fresh start.  

  1. Begin top to bottom.  Starting from top to bottom is the best method when you are full on cleaning mode.  Start with your ceiling fan or windows.  With the help of gravity, the dust and debris will fall to the floor, which can be easily vacuumed.   Polishing off your floors, focusing your carpeting and rugs last is nice exclamation mark as to complete the project.  
  2. Vacuum regularly.  By using your vacuum cleaner on a weekly basis, cleaning your floors will not seem like a large project.  There are hundreds of types of vacuums on the market.  Some of them are great and some are not great.  Choose one that you feel comfortable with and works with your flooring.  For hardwood floors and vinyl floors, you may choose one without a beater or brush bar.  
  3. Tidy your normal way.  When cleaning hardwood, linoleum, WPC or SPC flooring, the key to success is to not change your way.  You may want to pull out appliances and furniture to clean underneath, but you should not need any different cleaners or products to be successful.  Otherwise, spot clean your floors with your normal cleaners.  
  4. Carpet Cleaning.  Most carpets need to be washed every year based on the manufacturer warranty.  Make sure to read the fine print and see how often you need to have your carpets serviced by a local carpet cleaner.  
  5. Be proud of your work.  Appreciate your home and the effort you put into maintaining it.  

Even after you have cleaned your space and you want to discuss a project to improve your space; the staff at the Oshkosh Quest Interiors location at 1705 S. Washburn Street. can assist you with any product from Granite and Quartz Countertops to Wool or Nylon Carpeting.   Reach out to or 920-233-3200.

If you need other inspiration, check out these other checklists from Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart or Better Homes and Gardens.