Finding space for all of your stuff isn’t easy, especially when you accumulate things over the year. If you feel like you’re short on storage space in your cabinets, we have some tricks that might help you.

Hang Things On The Back of Cabinet Doors

Utilizing the back of your cabinet doors is a great way to add some space to your already crowded cabinets. By using stick-on or command strip hooks, you’ll be able to hang utensils like spatulas, and stirring spoons.

Gain Space From Organizing Shelves

Another way to gain space is to buy shelf organizers. Shelf organizers help you stack more items like plates and bowls without having to place them on top of each other. 

Drawer Dividers

Using draw dividers can help you keep track of your kitchen accessories and utensils. While this may not directly add space, decluttering and keeping your kitchen accessories organized can save you space.

Use The Side of Your Cabinets

If you have exposed cabinet sides, you can utilize them to gain more space. There are a few things that you can add to your cabinet side, such as hooks, magnetic strips, or even shelving to gain more space.

Magnetic Spice Rack 

If you’re not sure where to put your spices, you should consider a magnetic spice rack. Not only is this a trendy addition, you can place these on the side of your cabinets, the underneath, or on your backsplash. 

Hooks On Underside Of Cabinets

By putting hooks on the underside of your cabinets, you can create space to hang your coffee mugs. This can be a beautiful addition, especially if you already have a space on your counter for coffee or tea.

Still Need More Space?

If you have tried everything to gain more space in your cabinets, but you still don’t have enough space, it may be time to consider new cabinets. Give Quest Interiors a call and schedule a free quote for new cabinets.