Relaxation. Rest. Rejuvenation. Three essential words that should all be associated with your bedroom. If you’re not quite there yet, never fear - FloorQuest has some ideas about how you can turn your bedroom into the most serene, zen space in your home. 

Don’t Overwhelm the Space 

If your bedroom is busy, your brain will have a hard time shutting down for the night and you’re not guaranteed a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, minimizing the number of distractions in your bedroom can help lull you to sleep within a few minutes of your head hitting the pillow. Start with the basics: color, texture, and patterns. 


A monochromatic color scheme is great for a bedroom because it doesn’t pull your eye and cause a distraction. Soothing colors like white and cream are great choices, but any monochromatic color scheme will help at bedtime. 


If you want to balance sleep with chic, make sure you add a few textures that add interest without being overwhelming. Different fabric textures in the blankets and pillows, carvings in the headboard, and interesting mirror frames all add a little something extra and still create enough peace for you to sleep soundly. 


Rather than overdoing it with many different patterns, pick one pattern that you lovingly and sparingly scatter throughout the room. Doing this will add interest in the room without taking away from the overall zen. 

Add Functional Storage 

Too much clutter in a room sometimes makes it hard for people to sleep. Minimalist bedroom designs don’t leave much room for storage, either, but there are ways to work around storage issues to declutter your bedroom. Under the bed storage and built-in organizers in the closet add discreet, natural storage space while en-suite bathrooms with closets keep belongings from spilling over into the bedroom. 

Reconnect with Nature

A few plants scattered throughout the room. Wide windows that see out into the garden. Bringing nature into the bedroom design as much as possible can only help when you’re trying to achieve calm. Nature can help your brain focus and reduce stress, calming you enough to drift off to sleep.

Ready to redesign your bedroom for a more zen feel? FloorQuest can help! We’ve got you covered for flooring, cabinetry, vanities, and more! Contact us today or visit any of our FloorQuest locations to get started.