Quartz countertops are quickly taking over kitchens throughout the country. And why wouldn’t they be? These materials are extremely durable with the stunning look of granite or marble. One of the biggest advantages of adding quartz countertops to your kitchen or bathroom is that there are hundreds of color options to choose from, ensuring you get the perfect look! Here are some of the top quartz countertop colors we’ve been seeing.


Dark countertops blend perfectly with dark floors or cabinets. Having a kitchen with all dark features works best when there are a lot of light sources to give the space a cozy, but not dungeon-like, feeling. Black countertops also go great with colorful cabinets to help them pop.

White with flecks or marbling

Having a white or off-white countertop with light, multi-toned flecks or swirls will give your kitchen a rich, natural feel. This type of countertop is fairly neutral, so it works well in many environments, from traditional to contemporary. Light colors will also help your kitchen feel larger.


Red or cherry countertops give you the perfect blend of modern and retro all at once. This simple pop of color will blend with most neutral or white kitchens and will add a flair suitable for any bright personality!

Black and White

This timeless combination will add a rustic vibe to any kitchen and will provide a beautiful focal point. This is a great option for a minimalistic or very neutral kitchen.

Soft Gray

If black countertops are too much but white feels too sterile, soft gray is the perfect compromise. This neutral yet fun tone fits in well with any design element and can add a level of chicness to any kitchen style.

There are so many countertop color and pattern varieties to choose from. Whether you prefer plain or sparkly, single- or multi-colored, the right quartz is waiting for you. At FloorQuest, our goal is to find you the perfect style to match your home and show off your personality. We have recently brought the quartz countertop fabrication process in-house. Since we are cutting out the middleman, this means you get a more precise countertop at the best price. Visit any of our stores today to discuss your many quartz countertop options.