According to a recent survey, millennials value personalization above all else when it comes to homeownership. But how do you determine which features reflect your personal values and priorities as a homeowner?

Creating a Mission Statement from Your Values

Some experts recommend that homeowners develop a mission statement. They suggest that such a gesture might enable you to better envision and articulate a set of values or priorities for how you want to use your space. 

For example, through examining your ideal day at home, you may glean insights as to what your dream living spaces might look like. You might envision a leisurely morning spent cooking breakfast or brunch, followed by a family meal on the back patio and then a game of Bocce Ball or ping pong in the backyard. This would indicate that you prioritize a communal kitchen with plenty of cooking and gathering space, as well as a versatile back patio with backyard furniture for dining or entertaining and an ample backyard. The values that emerge from this vision might include community, nourishment, togetherness, and leisure. 

This daydream might inspire you to undertake a remodeling project that reconfigures the spaces between your kitchen, dining, and back patio area. You can make the kitchen conducive for a social gathering with the addition of a large kitchen island and overflow dining area connected to French doors that open to a back patio and deck area. By installing dining areas in both the kitchen and dining room as well as the patio, you’re encouraging the open flow of traffic between inside and outside, all focused around dining and communal living. 

But...How Do I Determine My Values?

You may be thinking, “But how do I determine my values to begin with?” The key is to not overthink it while coming up with a list. You might begin by writing about things that are important to you in your life. When you begin to list what is important to you, it may become more clear to you where your values lie.

After naming those priorities, think of three to five experiences during which you felt truly alive and engaged in the moment. Then think about what made these experiences fulfilling to you. Those reasons may be key to your inner values or beliefs and could explain why you reacted positively to those experiences.

One last activity to try that could help you discover your values is to utilize a values list to select a few that stand out to you, eventually narrow it down to ten, and then rank them. Your list may include words like respect, creativity, or independence. From the results, try to envision spaces or rooms that you associate with said values. 

Which Living Spaces Align with My Values?

After you determine your values and write your mission statement, you can start applying them to your home. For example, you may find that an activity that allows you to retain your sense of autonomy is your daily shower and preparation for the day while in the bathroom. From there, you may decide that your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Therefore, it should be renovated to include an inviting bathtub that encourages relaxation and contemplation.

You might find that one of your top priorities in life is community or family. This would prompt you to redesign the family room to include a home theatre area or a game playing station with plenty of room for creative projects or other activities that require space. Impromptu band improvisation or karaoke, anyone?  

Or, you might decide that you’re intent on giving back to planet Earth by building a rock-based landscape in the backyard with a pollinator garden and native plants. You can also give back to the planet by installing solar panels on your roof for full reliance on the sun for energy.

Does your home accurately reflect your core personal values? If you feel like there is currently a bit of a disconnect, give us a call at Quest Interiors and one of our consultants can help you design the perfect updated kitchen or bathroom for you. Contact us today!