When you are looking into redoing your kitchen, finding your style can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from and figuring out what tile complements the cabinets and flooring often doesn’t seem easy! When you work with the consultants at Quest Interiors we’ll walk you through kitchen design options before you begin your project so you can have a vision for what you want before kicking off that kitchen remodel.


If you are interested in a more traditional style there are some common characteristics. This style uses ornate cabinet faces and stained wood, which is perfect for someone who loves detailed work. This type of style also uses embellishments to enhance the elegance of the craftsmanship of the cabinets and countertops. 


If you love having a sleek and stylized space, then a modern-style kitchen is better suited to your needs. This look is almost the opposite of traditional, as it doesn't focus on any embellishments and the cabinets are typically painted or stained a dark color. This is a very distinct look, so it is important that the rest of your house is decorated in a similar fashion. 


If you love to feel cozy and love barn wood, then the farmhouse look is just what you are looking for. This style typically features white or very light cabinets. It's also common to find shiplap or beadboard incorporated in the kitchen as well. 


If you aren't sure which of the ones you like above, contemporary is most likely your style. The great part about contemporary is that it combines modern and traditional, which gives it a great middle-ground that almost everyone enjoys. Contemporary kitchens are also very versatile when it comes to design.

Still Unsure What Your Kitchen Style Is?

Quest Interiors offers free design consultations to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. We can help assess your vision and help you make it a reality - through our wide variety of flooring, cabinetry, and in-house countertop fabrication. Give us a call or contact us online today to set up your appointment.