Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Maybe you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest, pinning your favorite cabinets, wishing you can replace your own, but you’re not sure if you should replace them or not. Since high quality cabinets can last up to 50 years this is not a short term decision - it’s something you will likely live with for awhile. In addition, it’s a big expense, so you want to be sure that you really need new cabinets before you pull the trigger.

Strategic Layout

Some kitchen cabinets aren’t laid out to make the most of the space and when a cabinet layout is not thought out properly, it can be frustrating. For example, having to deal with drawers that block doors, or cabinet doors that hit or catch on appliances causing unnecessary wear and tear. There are some older houses that don't have a space for a dishwasher. If you are coping with any cabinet gotchas and don’t like the layout or functionality of your cabinets, it may be time to replace them.

Water Damage

Kitchens experience a lot of water, and unfortunately wooden cabinets can be easily damaged by a leaky sink or pipe. If you see any serious signs of water damage to your cabinets, it’s best to replace them right away. 

Here are a few signs of water damage on cabinets:

  • Warped wood
  • Wood has changed color or blackened
  • Signs of mold

Soft & Moldy Cabinets

Soft and moldy cabinets are a very clear sign that you need to replace your cabinets as soon as possible. While mold can be caught early and dealt with, if it gets out of hand, you will have to replace your cabinets. To tell if your cabinets are soft, push on the side of the walls. If they feel soft, this means that your cabinets are badly damaged. 

Poorly Made

Sometimes cabinets are just not made well. Maybe they aren’t hung properly, or they don’t fit well in your kitchen. Poorly made cabinets can be dangerous, especially if not mounted to the wall properly. 

Need To Replace Your Cabinets?

Have you determined that you need a full cabinet replacement? Give the experts at Quest Interiors a call or contact us online and we will help you find the perfect solution for your cabinetry project.