The holidays are almost here and that means if you’re hosting your kitchen will be on display for all of your family and friends to see. What better time would it be to give yourself a pre-holiday gift than to update your kitchen with quartz countertops. There are so many different types of countertops out there, why should you go with quartz?

No Need To Worry About Stains

Let’s face it, things will get a little messy in your kitchen this holiday. The last thing that you need to worry about is protecting your new countertops from cooking stains. Quartz countertops are stain-resistant due to its nonporous nature. Quartz is also maintenance-free which means you don’t have to worry about resealing it like other countertops.

Variety Of Colors

Quartz countertops come in many different colors and designs. There is a wider range of colors from dark to light and everything in between. The look and feel of quartz mimic that of marble or granite. If you’re having trouble deciding what new countertop color would complement your existing style, Quest Interiors can help you select the countertops that best suits your home - from our wide variety and in-house design selection.

We Fabricate In House To Make It More Affordable

We take pride in fabricating our quartz in-house. That means that we are able to pass on savings to our clients by taking a quartz slab from our manufacturer, Cambria, and fabricating it to fit your kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop. To create the perfect process we researched many types of technology and processes to come up with the best solution. This process has allowed us to better meet the timelines of our client projects and their budgets too.

Ready To Gift Yourself New Countertops?

You deserve to treat yourself and at Quest Interiors, we believe that treat should be new countertops. Ready to get your kitchen ready for the holidays? Give us a call or contact us online and we will get the job done.