At Quest Interiors in Fond du Lac and Oshkosh, we challenge ourselves to offer the very best products at affordable prices.  Inspired Flooring, our own brand of flooring that we source from some of the best flooring manufacturers fits our needs perfectly.  From a great warranty, to quality installation and dozens of colors available is the main reason why many of our customers look no further than Inspired Flooring.  


Inspired Flooring has over 30 SPC flooring options in the Liberty Park and Independence Park Collections.  Our post popular colors include Oceanview, Summerset and Paradise.  The colors can change based on what is popular at the time.  In 2023, clean, long, wide planks are gaining in popularity and grey colored flooring is declining.  The staff at Quest Interiors chooses the colors, so you will definitely see colors and styles that are popular in Wisconsin and not just on the coasts.  Quest Interiors understands our customers and what products they have in their home.  


A warranty is only as good as the service provided.  At Quest Interiors, we pride ourselves in installing a quality product which is why Inspired Flooring offers both a 15 year warranty and a 25 year warranty.  Liberty Park, 6.5 MM SPC Flooring carries a 25 year warranty.  Independence Park, 5.5 MM SPC Flooring carries a 15 year warranty.

Warranties may vary by flooring type, area and even application, so it’s possible to get overwhelmed. When you’re shopping for flooring,  you’ll always want to read the warranty fine print. Some warranties provide five years of coverage while others provide lifetime coverage. Even the products with lifetime warranty may not be transferable or mean your lifetime.  You’ll also want to consider your needs. Both collections of SPC flooring have a 20 MIL Wearlayer making them a durable choice for your home which is why our Inspired Flooring has become a material choice for thousands of homeowners in Wisconsin.  

Installation Costs

With the patented Unilin locking mechanism, Inspired Flooring has the best locking mechanism on the market.  Many of our customers choose to install their own flooring in their homes as a do-it-yourselfer, and others choose to have Quest Interiors professionally install the SPC flooring.  If you are unsure of the process, reach out to one of our talented project managers and they can provide insight into the installation process.  As is the case with any floor project in your home, labor costs can vary based on the flooring material selected.  Make sure to choose an experienced flooring contractor.