As we move into a new year, many of us reflect on the things we want to change in our lives. For some, that may mean getting in shape or breaking a bad habit, but if you're like most homeowners, you might be considering ways to improve your home. Whether it's a fresh coat of paint or a complete renovation, Quest Interiors is here to help make your vision for your perfect home a reality.

Give your kitchen a facelift by installing new countertops

Give your kitchen an instant facelift with quartz countertops. Cambria quartz is a great choice because it comes in a variety of stylish design options that can add beauty and value to any room. Cambria quartz is durable, non-porous and easy to clean, making it ideal for highly trafficked kitchen environments. With quartz countertops, you know you're getting the highest quality materials with lasting beauty and resilience. From traditional quartz slabs to quartz tiles, quartz countertops can make for an instant transformation of your kitchen that brings modern style and convenience into your home. Whether you are looking for a luxurious upgrade to entertain in style or just looking for increased function, quartz countertops can help give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.

Cabinet Makeover

Updating cabinets can be a great way to make an old space come alive and give it a whole new look. Whether you're outfitting your kitchen cabinets with hardware that stands out, replacing cabinets in the bathroom with sleek vanities, or refreshing cabinets by repairing and refinishing them, there are many ways to spruce up your cabinets. Doing this is often easier than adding brand-new cabinets as you don't have to worry about structural issues or the expense of replacing with new cabinets. From modern cabinetry designs to unique hardware, there are plenty of ways to update your cabinets for an attractive transformation. With just a few strategic changes, you'll soon be enjoying beautiful cabinets that offer both style and purpose.

New floors - Say Bye to Cold Tile!

Homeowners looking to add an elegant and timeless touch to their living spaces no longer need to limit themselves exclusively to hardwood floors. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is an attractive, cost-effective material that not only pairs nicely with existing tiles, but can also be installed directly over them while providing a warmer comfort than standard tile floors ever could. Whether you are interested in crisp white tiles juxtaposed against natural wood grains or if you want to make a bold statement with darker shades, this new flooring option has the potential to become a stylish focal point of your home décor. For floors with lasting beauty and improved insulation, upgrade to luxury vinyl plank today and enjoy the comfort that comes from installing new floors in your home.

Handles and Knobs: Don't Forget the Little Things

This new year, don't forget the little things that can really give your space a polished, inspiring energy. Updating your hardware can be as simple as changing out handles and knobs on furniture and cabinets, or even adding some new lighting fixtures to liven up the room. Try a fresh coat of paint in your favorite hue - not only is it an easy, affordable way to totally transform a space, but will immediately bring life back into the area. Lastly, add some unique accessories like interesting artwork, statement-making textiles or fanciful floral arrangements to really freshen up the living quarters - these elements are sure to make a lasting impression!

Let Quest Interiors Help You Ring in the New Year

Out with the old and in with the new - it's time for a change! Give your home a facelift this year by starting with your kitchen. Install new countertops, replace those old cabinets, update your hardware, add some luxury vinyl plank flooring, and paint the walls for a fresh look.

Explore our options for your home renovations and visit one of our showrooms in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac to speak with our design consultants. Contact us today to set up a FREE estimate and get started on your home renovations. Quest Interiors has everything you need to make your vision come to life.