Wisconsin is known as the Dairy State, and its residents are affectionately called cheese-heads. (Bears fans may not be so affectionate about our nickname.) And it's obvious why: we love cheese, and we're good at making it. Everything from tortilla chips and hamburgers to fine wine and caviar is made better with the right cheese. Wisconsin has so many great cheese factories, and FloorQuest is so proud of our dairy production heritage that we wanted to give our readers some insight into where they can find our fine cheeses being made. Here's a short list of some of our favorite factories:

Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company

The name says it all. The Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company is all about cheese. Located seven miles north of Wisconsin Rapids on Highway 34, the Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company makes a wide variety of cheeses and ice cream. The factory features an observation window and a video about making cheese. You can even schedule a tour, but you have to make a special request. 

Comstock Creamery

The Comstock Creamery features not only old favorites like cheddar and muenster, but it also specially-flavored natural cheeses made with cranberries, apples, sweet basil and mushrooms. Plus, they have a retail space with wine and specialty desserts, and an observation window so you can see all of the cheese-making action in full effect. You can find the Comstock Creamery five miles south of Cumberland on Highway 63.

Cedar Grove Cheese, Inc.

Cedar Grove Cheese, Inc. is located near Plain, Wisconsin, on Mill Road. The factory makes fresh curds daily, and features an innovative "Living Machine" water treatment system as part of its factory tours. (Call ahead for tours.)

FloorQuest loves cheese, and we love to get out and see how it gets on our tables. We want to see what you're passionate about, and, if it's cheese, share it with us on Facebook.