As designers and homeowners alike have started realizing the importance of selecting eco-friendly materials during construction and redesign, bamboo flooring has emerged as a stylish, sustainable alternative to traditional hardwood or vinyl flooring. Bamboo flooring is readily available in the United States and internationally, and it’s a renewable resource, so it reforests quickly. But environmental benefits aren’t the only reasons why you should consider bamboo flooring.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring


Obviously more practical factors (like those listed below) will influence your flooring purchase,  but you also want your new flooring investment to be aesthetically pleasing to you and the guests in your home. Bamboo is an attractive flooring option because of its tight grains, distinctive nodes, and color uniformity. It’s available in a range of colors, from a light blonde natural shade to a dark tint, as well as a variety of finishes, including high gloss and matte. The variety in style allows you to select the perfect bamboo flooring for your room design, while its unique properties set it apart from hardwood flooring options.


Like most flooring options, there’s a wide range of prices for bamboo flooring. High grade solid planks will run more expensive, while veneered varieties will save money.  

Strength & Durability

The strength and durability of bamboo flooring are two of its biggest benefits. Bamboo can be heat-treated to increase its strength, and when tested has been shown to be stronger than concrete, steel alloys, and graphite! Its strength also lends it durability, a good quality for flooring used in any heavy traffic area in your home. Bamboo flooring has very easy upkeep; with a broom, mop, warm water, and some floor cleaner you can handle the job. Plus, since it often grows in tropical climates and is moisture and stain-resistant, it’s perfect for bathrooms and kitchens--rooms in which hardwood flooring is often not a viable option.

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