Buying a house is a massive step in anyone’s life. Whether you’re just curb-shopping or you want to be in a new house by Christmas, house-hunting with certain criteria in mind can make the home-buying process easier. Here are five important things to consider when shopping for a house:

Property Age

Older homes contain a certain level of charm, but they often come with more problem areas that can be costly. If you love the history but hate the idea of having to replace the wiring, you may want to lean more towards a newer build. However, if you’re ready to put in a little TLC, an older home might be right up your alley!

Home Style

Your home is an extension of you. Curb appeal is a huge factor when house-hunting, so finding a house style that fits your lifestyle is a must. Keep in mind that the style you love will also decide your storage space and how much room your family will have.


Once you decide on an outside, then it's time to consider your aesthetic. Do you prefer modern design with sleek, metallic finishes and crisp counter tops? Or are you more of a traditionalist with warm wooden floors and curvy banisters? Stave off buyer’s remorse by choosing a house that fits your aesthetic style.


Are there enough bedrooms in the house for the whole family? Can you see the sunrise from your kitchen window? Making a wish list and ranking features by order of importance will help you focus on property qualities that work for the whole family.

Future Project Potential

You don’t have to start customizing your new home the minute you get the keys. Be gentle and honest with yourself on the time and cost of big customization projects. Accept that not everything has to be updated at once, but take stock of the big and small projects to find the best place to start.
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